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Cast Iron Garden Furniture

No other patio furniture will last as long, or give your garden a vintage look like cast iron garden furniture will. It has been popular for decades because of its strength and ability to last. It can weather all of the elements and needs very little maintenance.

Cast iron garden furniture may be a bit more expensive but it will last forever, whereas other types such as wicker or plastic tend to break easily and need replaced. Caring for cast iron is simple too. All you need to do is periodically hose it down with a garden hose and wipe it dry. It doesn't need to be brought inside like other types of garden furniture, nor does it need to be kept covered when not is use. One thing you do want to watch for on your cast iron garden furniture is rust. If you see rust spots starting to appear simply use a wire brush to keep it from spreading. You can then use paint to touch up the area.

cast iron garden furniture

After deciding that you want cast iron garden furniture, there are a few things to look for that will help you choose which type you want. Keep in mind that the pieces will be heavy. Once in place in your garden it will be harder to move the furniture around to a different spot. The benefit of the heavier weight is that it is less likely to blow around in a storm. You can find cast iron garden furniture in many styles including tables and matching chairs or benches.

You may want to use cushions for the seats of the garden furniture especially in cooler weather. Cast iron, although beautiful, is hard and cold. Adding seat cushions that are removable will help make it more comfortable.

In order to purchase cast iron garden furniture you may have to go to an antique dealer. Some furniture stores still sell it, but you are more likely to find good quality pieces at flea markets, antique stores or yard sales. Most consumers using cast iron recommend that it is painted with a heavy coat of paint when you first get it, and then repainted at least once a year to avoid rust spots starting.

A typical set of cast iron garden furniture might include pieces such as an ornate round table with matching chairs. The accessories that will go with this are numerous. Try adding a rack made out of an elegant style of cast iron as a plant stand. You can also add a few smaller round iron tables to sit drinks or magazines on.

Garden Furniture Sets