Garden Furniture Sets

Contemporary Garden Furniture

Imagine an idyllic warm summer evening or a cold winter afternoon and the place you would like to be is in your garden. A well kept garden is indeed a beautiful sight, but to get the utmost pleasure from it you need to enjoy it in comfort and leisure. Lawns are a good place to sit, however, neither can you sit on it for long periods comfortably nor can you enjoy it in all weather. Hence the best alternative is contemporary garden furniture.

Garden furniture has to be chosen with care as they have to bear all kinds of weather. These can be made from various materials but should be strong, durable, and weather proof coated. The style and design of the garden or patio furniture is also equally important. The furniture should provide utmost comfort even when sitting for long periods of time. Avoid having cloth draped furniture or cushions on the furniture as these cannot withstand different weather conditions.

contemporary garden furniture

European synthetic rattan is one such material that has stood the test of time. The word rattan actually describes about 600 types of palms grown in Asia, Australasia and Africa. European synthetic rattan has all the benefits of the rattan which are vine-like and flexible, but are man made and eco-friendly. Furniture made from natural teak and rattans are also good garden furniture options, but slightly on the expensive side. Teak is a natural light wood that can bear different weathers and still stand sturdy. Rattans are light weight and being flexible can be designed into different shapes, sizes and styles. One of the cheapest options in garden furniture would be plastic tables and chairs. However these are neither durable nor long lasting. A set of plastic table and chair may last as long as 2 – 3 years. These are good options if you have invested a lot in recent times and want to tide by time till you make expensive purchases.

Apart from tables and chairs, you will also need parasols to provide shade when you sit in the garden. The parasols are not only good when you sit; they also provide protective covering for your furniture from direct sunlight and rain. The furniture chosen including the parasol should be strong and sturdy against harsh winds and should not fall or get uprooted easily. While the tables and chairs may stand on their own weight, parasols need to be fixed to the ground. Garden lamps add to the aesthetic charm, but you may want to move them in after each use.

Garden Furniture Sets