Garden Furniture Sets

Garden Furniture Covers

Garden furniture covers can not only keep your furniture looking better and lasting longer, but they help retain the value of your furniture by preventing weather related wear and tear. There are many covers to use, for many purposes.

To keep garden furniture clean and mildew free, use covers anytime you are not actively using your furniture. This includes seating and tables, and other items such as benches, barbecues, and fountains. There are sturdy covers with zip closures that allow a snug fit, and covers with elastic or grommets and ties that fit a range of sizes of furniture. Garden furniture covers should fit close, but they do not need to be tight like indoor furniture slip-covers.

Nylon zippers and plastic snaps, waterproof vinyl, protective extra strength stitching, and elastics help make your covers durable, easy to use, and provide extra protection against the natural elements, pollen, dust, dirt, animal tracks and droppings, and other things that may cause damage.

garden furniture covers

Table and chair sets usually represent a good investment, so you will want to try to keep them looking new, feeling new, and clean from dirt, bugs, rust or debris. A snug fitting cover that extends from the top of the table down to the ground is just the right accessory to achieve this goal. Some covers go over the table and chairs separately, while others are large enough that one cover can set over the entire grouping.

Even if the materials your garden furniture is made from indicate that they are weather resistant, good garden furniture covers will assure that your investment maintains value and stays in ready-to-use shape, even during a rainy season. Water, wind, and sunshine can deteriorate material, rust metal, and dull glass surfaces. Why spend hours cleaning tabletops every time you want to use them because messy birds found a resting place nearby or a storm brought in a sticky covering of dirt with the rain?

Use garden furniture covers to save time, so you can enjoy your furniture and relax! Table top umbrellas and patio umbrellas can be fitted to size with custom covers, keeping dirt and mildew away from them. Covers can be folded for easy flat storage when you are not needing them. If you are going away on vacation, cover up your valuable garden furniture and accessory pieces so they stay nice and clean for use as soon as you return.

Garden Furniture Sets