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Our gardens give us so much. They are our peace and tranquility in a chaotic world. They are our creative outlet. But to get the most out of our garden they require furniture to allow us to luxuriate in the splendor we created. And to feel the most comfortable we need to add cushions to our furniture. Garden furniture cushions need to be the right fabric, the right color and need to be cared for properly.

Garden furniture cushions need to be able to withstand the harshness of the outdoors. Ideally we would bring the cushions out each time we enjoy our garden. But often this isn't practical and we end up leaving the cushions outdoors for several days at a time. The best fabric to withstand this is spun acrylic. You can look for this in almost any color imaginable from prints to solids including all types of patterns.

garden furniture cushions

Color is important to consider when choosing cushions that are used outdoors. The sun has the ability to wash out colors and this must be considered when choosing cushions. If your furniture is under an enclosure, then most any color will suit your purposes. If it is exposed to the sun however, then try to choose solid colors in earth tones. Be especially careful of reds or patterns with the color red in them. Red is liable to be washed out in the sun and should be avoided whenever the sun is a consideration.

Care of cushions is extremely important. Well cared for cushions can last several years while cushions that are abused may have to be replaced annually. The most ideal method of caring for cushions is to bring them inside after each use. Simply reserve a space in the garage for the cushions and swing by to pick them up on your way out. If this isn't practical a simple storage box in the garden can be built to hold the cushions. You can make this out of scrap wood and paint it a lively color to accent the garden. Even the best stored cushions need cleaning and the way to go here is with a mild soap and water solution. Just wipe off the surface dirt.

Garden furniture helps us enjoy our gardens and the outdoors. Choosing the right garden furniture cushions and taking proper care of them can make sure we get the most enjoyment possible.

Garden Furniture Sets