Garden Furniture Sets

Garden Patio Furniture

Garden patio furniture comes in just about every shape and style you can imagine. The opportunities for decorating are only limited to your imagination and the style you prefer. Some of the items you might want to check into for your garden patio furniture are benches in various styles, a glider, rocking chairs, chairs to lounge in, swings, a table and matching chairs or settee's.

The choices of the material these products are made of include cast iron, wicker and plastic. If your garden patio is uncovered and open to all of the elements, you may want to seek furniture made of plastic or some sort of treated metal . Items made out of these types of materials are most resistant to weather. The least expensive of this type of patio furniture are the ones constructed out of hard plastic. They are most normally pieces that are molded together and come with matching chairs and accessories made of the same durable plastic. They come in vast array of colors and styles.

garden patio furniture

Metal patio furniture will be a bit more expensive but is also good for holding up against bad weather. Most of this type of furniture is made of tubular sections of metal that are molded together. Most times you can purchase matching cushions to make them more comfortable for sitting or lounging. Many time the metal type of tables come with an umbrella that is used for shade, or you can purchase it separately.

Cast Iron, also referred to as wrought iron, is a very popular type of garden patio furniture. It will give your garden a vintage look and the pieces last a very long time. It can be very expensive and needs to be painted on a yearly basis to keep rust spots from forming. If you do notice rust, you can use a wire brush on the area to get rid of it, then paint over the spot to prevent it from spreading. Cast iron furniture will provide you with many years worth of use.

If you have a patio that has a roof or awning above it you might like to try wicker furniture. It has an open airy feeling that will make your garden seem larger then it is. It also has a comfortable feel to it, especially if you add matching accessories like plant holders or small tables to hold your drinks or magazines. Wicker garden patio furniture is in the moderate price range. You can leave it a natural color or spray paint it to match everything else in the garden. Wicker is one of the best types for redecorating with, due to it's versatility. Cushions are almost always part of a wicker set and are available in many styles and colors.

Wooden furniture is also popular for a garden setting but is best used in a covered area. It is somewhat heavier then wicker and more durable. It will need to have some sort of protection applied to it if it will be totally exposed to the weather elements, like a thick coat of clear varnish or even spray paint.

Always do comparison shopping before making your final garden patio furniture purchase and remember that some items may be available at used furniture stores for a lesser price then brand new items.

Garden Furniture Sets