Garden Furniture Sets

Incorporating Metal Furniture into the Garden

Gardens are places to express your creativity and style—they provide a refuge among nature, and a place to relax after a hectic day. Creating a garden is like adding to a blank canvas--it is full of possibilities. No garden is complete without some type of furniture—especially furniture that will hold up in the outdoor elements. Metal garden furniture is not only durable, but there is a wide variety available that will add a unique look to finish off any garden.

For small gardens, consider a bistro table and chair set. Most metal bistro tables come with interesting, intricate designs that add a whimsical or shabby chic look. Metal bistro tables can be found brand new, or even while searching for bargains at antique stores, or flea markets. A metal set such as a bistro table and chairs is functional as well as decorative. Enjoy a breakfast with a friend, or a cup of tea while breathing in the perfume of the surrounding flowers—or place a potted plant on the metal table for a perky decoration. Either way, a classic bistro set is ideal for a small garden.

metal garden furniture

For bigger garden spaces, there is a plethora of metal furniture available to suit your needs. Picnic tables, chairs, and lounges are just a few of the pieces available when searching for a functional, yet unique piece to add to your garden. Small metal chairs are ideal—you can group them together when entertaining guests, or place them under the canopy of leafy branches for a relaxing spot in the shade. Picnic tables are another choice that offer an inviting place to have dinner with family, while providing a unique look your garden space.

A common misconception about metal garden furniture is that it is heavy, bulky, or uncomfortable. You can easily find newer, lightweight aluminum furniture that is easy to move around. Cushions are readily available at your local garden or hardware store, and come in many colors and patterns to make changing the look of your furniture easy and convenient.

Incorporating metal furniture into your garden can complement any space no matter the size--and the variety available allows for a wide spectrum from new, modern, and whimsical to antique, shabby chic, original pieces. Not only is it functional, but it is also durable, and will provide places for entertainment, relaxing, or just perk up a corner of the garden for years to come.

Garden Furniture Sets