Garden Furniture Sets

Outdoor Garden Furniture

Choosing outdoor garden furniture is not an easy decision because of the vast variety of materials, styles, prices, and also depending on your budget and what you want in the way of use and decoration.

Do you have young children and need durability and safety? You'd want a solid frame and cushions that can be removed for cleaning.

You also want durability and simplicity in design if you want to just enjoy your furniture and use it for relaxation without worrying about it.

Do you like to entertain frequently? You'd want to pick something trendy.

If you like to be stylish or project a certain image, modern or classic hand-crafted teak furniture may be your choice, especially teak grown in Indonesia. Teak has a beautiful and unique grain that sets off your area. Teak is the hardest of woods and can withstand the weather better because the special resin acts as a moisturizer and natural protection. That's why it is also the choice of shipbuilders. But remember to have any wood treated and sealed, and it may have to be re-sealed every year or two.

outdoor garden furniture

A bench could be placed at a strategic spot to emphasize the garden that you have worked so hard on and want to show off. It also provides a place to rest when you are spending time in your garden, or even to purposely just sit and watch nature or read a book.

Polywood is recycled plastic and is durable with low maintenance. Cast aluminum is rust-free and lightweight but is durable.

New-age PVC wicker is maintenance-free and waterproof. To extend its life, you can apply a vinyl protectant like Amour-all. It is also versatile with its type of weaving, either loose for a country style or tight for a more modern and sleek look. Long strands of plastic or PVC are woven over metal frames.

Plastic resin is lightweight and virtually indestructible and can be molded into a large variety of styles.

Concrete, wrought iron, wicker, stainless steel, and plastic outdoor furniture pieces do have their merits because of their lower maintenance and being offered in decorative and sturdy styles.

It is not a good idea to overcrowd your area, so choose just a few unique pieces to set off your landscape.

You can consider shopping online for internet retailers with lower prices due to low overhead. Many offer free shipping and delivery right to your home.

Garden Furniture Sets