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Teak Garden Furniture's Lasting Beauty is More Economical Over the Years

Common teak, or teak, as we know it, is one of three varieties of the tree that grows in the monsoon forests of Southeast Asia. The other two (Dahat and Philippine) are endangered. This tropical hardwood birch can grow 30 – 40 cm. Teak use is well known on decks and other components of shipbuilding. Revered for its weather resistant properties, it is a beautiful, and enduring, wood for use in your garden furniture. The natural oils in teak not only make it durable without finishes or stain, but also add termite and other pest resistance. Teak is also valued for its flexibility and strength. Teak grown on plantations for renewable sustainability rather than harvested from wild growth is more eco-friendly than in years past.

Teak garden furniture does cost more than cedar or white oak, but the enduring qualities and natural beauty of the wood make it by far the more economical choice. Teak furniture lasts for decades without time-consuming work applying preservatives, stains, or paints needed in many other woods to keep them looking their best. Outdoor furniture made from teak is sometimes handed down through families. This becomes increasingly true as the wood becomes harder to obtain. When looking at generations enjoying the furniture as an heirloom, the value of using teak increases.

teak garden furniture

Teak, originally, has a warm honey like color. As sun exposure increases, the patina turns to more grayish silver which is seen more commonly. There are special sealants you can apply to your teak garden furniture to preserve that golden beauty of new teak, though many enjoy the low maintenance that comes from letting the wood mature in the sun naturally. Teak should be sealed if its to be used for dining as some food and drinks can stain the wood.

Benches, used in boats as well as gardens alike, are common uses for teak. Durable and strong, these benches require little maintenance as the oils from the wood lend themselves to creating a glossy finished exterior naturally. Dining tables and chairs are another popular choice for teak garden furniture due to its sturdy reliability. Adirondacks, loungers, even larger cushioned seating are seen more and more built in the enduring splendor of teak.

Teak can be more expensive in the immediate purchase, but over the years its value will endure. While it can be more difficult to find, the choice to use teak in your outdoor setting is one of long lasting luxury and enjoyment.

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