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Wicker Garden Furniture

A garden is a place where the mind can dream, even when it is wide awake. Whether constrained to pots on an apartment balcony, formed into a stately perimeter of greenery around a neatly clipped lawn, or sprawled haphazardly with wild flowers, a garden offers a place for renewal and regeneration. A garden is a place to linger and to dream.

Wicker garden furniture can make the lingering even more pleasurable. Graced with resilient well-appointed pillows, wicker furniture is especially comfortable. But being comfortable does not have to mean dowdy. Simply changing the color or pattern of the seat covers and pillows can update and transform the character of wicker furniture to keep it feeling fresh and new.

It is no accident that wicker has become a perennial favorite among the choices for garden furniture. Its woven look is fashionable in a variety of settings. The natural colors of willow or rattan are right at home in a rustic or woodland garden. Painted white, it looks quite proper on formal patios, wide verandas, or breezy seaside decks. Tightly woven on a straight rigid frame and lacquered black, wicker will fit right in with the feng shui of an oriental terrace. When the weave is styled into lacy curves and the chairs are topped with chintz pillows, it creates an impression reminiscent of an English country garden. Whatever your dream of a perfect retreat may be, it can be entwined in wicker.

wicker garden furniture

Beyond the aesthetics, there are many practical reasons that make wicker a good choice for outdoor furniture. In addition to being competitively priced, the maintenance is relatively simple. It will clean up nicely with a quick brushing of sudsy water and a rinse from the hose. Garden wicker made of vinyl or resin is designed to withstand sunlight and moisture. It resists warping and it will not rust.

Furthermore, wicker is the optimal weight for garden furniture. It is heavy enough to stay put and not be blown over in an ordinary breeze, yet it is light enough to be moved without undue muscle strain. This is especially important in climates where outdoor furniture is stored for the winter.

Perhaps best of all, when you are ready to share your garden retreat, wicker furniture will admirably fill its function of helping you entertain your guests. It provides the perfect backdrop for sharing great food and for sharing even greater dreams.

Garden Furniture Sets